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Event Planning

  1. This event is limited to the registered users of ec lucky draw network, ec lucky draw network staff and relatives are not allowed to participate in this event;
  2. In order to ensure that the real and effective of the event, all participating users need to verify their registered mailbox;
  3. New registered users can get 30 points;
  4. How to earn more points?1.Click onads on this page can earn 20 points (one IP one day one time valid).2.Users who have purchased the goods can make comment, post a comment can earn 5 points (one IP one day maximum 3 times valid) 3.Registered users to comment on any articles can earn 5 points (one IP one day maximum 3 times valid).
  5. The higher the value of the prize, the lower the probability of winning, if there is no winning, the user may receive a coupon;
  6. Users do not need to pay freight for the prizes, winning users can temporarily hold the prizes into the shopping cart, next shopping can get free shipping together with the prizes;
  7. Ordinary courier will be used for prizes delivery, if ordinary courier can not reach the area, plain mail will be used for delivery;
  8. When the user receives the prizes, please open and inspect the prizes in the presence of the courier, if any quality problems found in the prizes, please immediately contact the ec lucky draw network customer service as the courier is needed to testify and assist the exchange of prizes;
  9. Any unfair means to participate in the event is prohibited, once found ec lucky draw network has the right to cancel the user's award-winning qualifications;
  10. The event does not set the ending time, the user's accumulated lucky points have long-term effective;
  11. The ec lucky draw network has the right of final interpretation of the event.